• Multiple studies demonstrate students with a National Board Certified have learning gains of up to 2 months more than peers who do not have an NBCT teaching them. These outcomes are even more prevalent among minority & lower-income students. Studies also suggest students of NBCTs experience deeper learning than their counterparts with non-NBCT teachers.
  • A study examining teacher retention in South Carolina found significantly lower turnover rates among NBCTs compared to non-NBCTs. Many NBCTs refer to the National Board process as their most impactful professional learning experience. Financial Barriers Remain for Many Educators.
  • Although Virginia offers a stipend for eligible NBCTs, many educators simply cannot afford to pursue National Board Certification which costs a minimum of $1975 (if all components are successfully completed in one year—the process can cost some educators more than $4000 if more time or additional attempts to achieve certification are required). Our neighbors Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia provide financial support for the certification process.